Quiet Day...

My day started actually bad -- I discovered that all of my bread was moldy. So I headed for the office with out having my usual(small) breakfast. Fortunatly my favourite coffee shop had lights up and was open when I came along and so I could have two bagels... ;-)

In the office it was really a quiet day. All projects are running smoothly and the phone is still quiet -- probably because everyon is still on vacation or recovering from New Year's Eve.

After work in went to the Sternverlag (a very big bookshop in downtown Düsseldorf) to look for a book on how to secure XAMPP. They even had one on stock but it was much too expensive for what it had to offer. So I left the shop without buying a single book -- what is really unusual for me. BUT I had a parcel waiting for me at the PACKSTATION (a kind of automated post office to pick up your shipments). And in there I got some really nice books which made my evening.

Ooops, not completly: I setup my noise-measuring computer again to see what noise the aircrafts from Duesseldorf International make. You can check it out with the link "Lärm-Messung" on the LINKS-section...

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